Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Official Launch

The Official Launch of POISSE in Sarawak was done at the Kuching Hilton on 28th March 2009 at 2:30 pm. 

At the Kuching Hilton entrance

Launched and Graced by Yang Berhormat Puan Sharifah Hasidah bte. Sayeed Aman Ghazali

Yang Berhormat giving her speech 

Presenting a 'cenderahati' to YB, 
consists of a box of POISSE

Enjoying tea with other distinguished guests

Thank you very much YB!

The Product

Poisse is a breakthrough skin rejuvenating and age defying formula featuring COLLAGEN, an extracellular protein found in fish scales and bones that contributes to the maintenance of the structural integrity of tissues & organs. The nutritional health drink helps nourish and improve skin from within. Just taking a sachet a day enhances skin quality and optimises moisture levels in just a few weeks. POISSE is your natural approach to maintain your skin suppleness so you will remain fresh & young. 

Recommended to those who wish to preserve a naturally stunning and healthy look.

Collagen is the protein which forms the ever-present white fibres in all the connective tissues of the body, including bone, teeth, cartilage and tendons; the skin; and all the sheaths, partitions, and supporting frameworks which flourish in all organs and tissues.

Please contact me, the 

Sarawak POISSE Distributor, Puan Salbiah at
 012-890 9004 /  kay.kaiyisha@gmail.com

For more info on the product, visit the website here.